Pizza Restaurant La Bella Napoli

Italian cuisine

  • Thanks to the experience gained over thirty years of presence in the sector and the competence of its staff, the Pizza Restaurant La Bella Napoli interprets its customers’ tastes always proposing various and different menus with meat and fish courses that originate from traditional and local recipes. Equally fundamental for the Restaurant is to chose first quality ingredients able to enhance the proposed recipes, from the fresh cough fish and the first cut meat, to cheeses and genuine cold cuts that allow to eat a pizza in Modica that represents a delicious occasion for the variety and the combination of always different tastes.

  • ​Pizza in Modica

    Located in the centre of Modica, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002 for its unaltered architectural beauty, the Pizza Restaurant La Bella Napoli opens into Arancitello street, a highly suggestive alley included in a path which stretches in the most ancient heart of the city. With a medieval structure, consisting of a scheme composed by narrow alleys and stairs builded around the Pizzo’s hill, the area combines the charm of a world rich of voices and perfumes to churches and monuments with a great majesty, all in the late-Baroque, the architectural style, subsequent to the earthquake that in the seventeenth century destroyed the city.

  • ​Evenings in the charm of places of other times

    Located at a short distance from Corso Umberto, the main street of Modica downtown, the restaurant has an enviable position that allows to easily reach it from every point and in the vicinity provides convenient parking areas. Open from 16.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. seven days a week, except Tuesday, provides within a large room divided in furnished spaces with a refined elegance. It is also possible to set tables outside, along the alley on which the restaurant overlooks, creating convivial evenings included in the charm of a place of other times that in the mildest nights it is filled with people and perfumes of a great pizza in Modica, prepared with numerous variants based on fresh and quality ingredients.

  • Requested for its fragrance and for the combination with always different tastes, the pizza represents a festive occasion for adults and children who find in the Restaurant La Bella Napoli a staff of competent pizza masters and a speedy service and always available to satisfy every need. The pizza menu is composed by more than 40 pizza’s variations, able to satisfy every palate with rich ingredients, vegetables, seafood, shellfish, spices, fresh tomatoes and cheese, among which the unmissable mozzarella both cow and buffalo types. This menu, in addition, can be requested with a classic or whole dough, to fully satisfy every customer’s need. From the classic Bella Napoli to the typical pizza with seafood, the Mediterranea, that provides the combination with cuttlefishes, squid, mussels, shrimps and clams. From the Biancaneve, without tomatoes, the menu ranges from mussels au gratin, garlic and parsley, to the Siciliana with a union between onion, sausage and eggplant and to the Altopiano with ricotta, fresh sausage and spinaches. The occasion to enjoy a pizza in Modica, a dish that has always belonged to the excellence of Italian cuisine.

  • Eventi
  • The large available space, the eleganze of the environments and the quality cuisine allow the Pizza Restaurant La Bella Napoli to organize any kind of event that the customer desires to celebrate, such as birthdays, ceremonies and particulate festivities. For the occasion the staff provides the suitable set ups, from the organization of large tables, to the most refined set tables in perfect harmony with the restaurant’s style and the customers’ tastes.

    With the same passion and competence the restaurant deals also with the catering set up able to offer gastronomic solutions and suitable set ups to satisfy the customer’s needs in armory with the characteristics of the chosen place. From appetizers to desserts, the staff provides to satisfy every request, whether is a private event or a business dinner, whatever is the frame chosen for the event, outdoor or indoor. There are also evenings where the indoors and outdoors spaces are the occasion to set cheerful tables, characterized by a delicious pizza in Modica, a always appreciated dish, perfect during the summer and the winter. 

  • ​The menus

    Renowned for its quality courses, the Pizza Restaurant La Bella Napoli also works n a careful study to the menu’s creation, fish or meat based, where the mastery in the preparation of foods is combined to the exclusive use of first quality ingredients. The final result is an always significative combination of courses that take into account customers’ tastes, seasons and best occasions offered by the market. A particular care is reserved to the preparation of the pizza in Modica and to desserts’ preparation that vary from the classical cuisine to the typical Sicilian specialities.

    In addition the Pizza Restaurant La Bella Napoli, during the summer, completes its menu with the very famous and traditional Cremolate: a desert the best enhances the taste of white flowers, wild strawberries, raspberries, almonds, prickly pears, peaches and all the available summer fruit.

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